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Sihong Hongze Lake Wetland Scenic Spot is located in the shoal area in the northwest of Hongze Lake, the fourth largest freshwater lake in China. It has a planned area of 5.2 km2 and is the largest comprehensive tourist area of inland freshwater wetland, with the most complete ecosystem in East China, as well as an integral part of the National Nature Reserve Experimental Area of Hongze Lake Wetland in Sihong. Hongze Lake is a first-class headstream in the eastern route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in China. The National Nature Reserve of Sihong Hongze Lake Wetland covers a total area of 750,000 mu. By ranking 11th in China and 2nd in East China, it is a national nature reserve of freshwater wetland with the largest area a complete ecosystem in the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, it is also an important habitat and wintering ground for migratory birds throughout the world. Every year, 500,000 migratory birds of more than 200 species would perch and reproduce here. The slogan of “travel in the great wetland and take a deep breath” becomes the most beautiful showpiece of the scenic spot.

Maximum Capacity During the Outbreak:27750Visitors
Instantaneous Capacity During the Outbreak:6750Visitors
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