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Hongze Lake

Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath

Natural Resources

release time:2020-09-07

Being beautiful and rich, Hongze Lake has abundant aquatic resources and superior ecology. It is a time-honored “land of fish and rice”. There are nearly 68 species of fish in the lake, principally crabs, carps, crucians, bigheads, black carps, grass carps and silver carps. Among them, Hongze Lake hairy crabs are a protected product with geographical signature. On the other hand, Hongze Lake is also famous for its aquatic plants. Reeds almost cover the whole lake, and the luxuriant ones even prevent boats from getting through. Vast stretches of reeds not only regulate the climate and conserve water resources, forming a good wetland ecological environment, but also offer homes for birds to inhabit, forage and breed. Moreover, Hongze Lake is also a habitat and wintering ground for 206 species of birds, including great bustards, swans and other national first-and second-class rare and protected birds. The leaves, stems and rhizomes of all reeds have the function of purifying water. Reed stalks can be made into paper and artificial fibers. In ancient times, reeds were used to make “reed mats” to cover the kang and build a house. An ancient musical instrument called a reed flute was exactly made from the hollow stalk of a reed. In addition, reed spikes can also be used to make brooms, and the downs from reed flowers can be used to stuff pillows. Reed leaves, reed flowers, reed stems, reed roots and reed tenders (asparagus) are applicable to the animal husbandry and have a high forage value. Lotus root, gordon euryale seed and water chestnut have been famous in history, and there is a saying that “foxnut and water chestnut can be used as half a year’s foodstuff”. Foxnut (i.e. gordon euryale seed) has similar functions as lotus seeds and often used in conjunction with lotus seeds. It is a good product for invigorating spleen and kidney. Since ancient times, foxnut has been used to maintain youthful vitality and prevent premature aging. In addition, 8 fresh marine products (lotus roots, scythes, lotus seeds, gordon euryale seeds, stems of gordon euryale seeds, water chestnuts, water chestnut vines and cresses) growing in Hongze Lake with superb water quality and 8 fresh seafoods (Hongze Lake hairy crabs, crayfish, freshwater shrimps, tiger sharks, whitebaits, white fish, Corbicula fluminea and yellowhead catfishes) can also deliver excellent ingredients for lake delicacies.



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