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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Hongze Lake Wetland Scenic Spot of Sihong is located in Sihong county, Suqian city, north of Jiangsu province of eastern China. To the north, it is connected to the world famous Jing-Hang Grand Canal; to the south, it is connected to Huai River, the dividing point of north and south of China; and to the east, it’s bordering the vast expense of water area of Hongze Lake. It is a significant part of the 750,000 acres state-level experimental zone of natural protection and is a 4A state-level scenic spot that combines the multi-functions of sightseeing, ecological relaxation, science education, holiday recreation, etc. Since its establishment in 2009, Hongze Lake Wetland Scenic Spot has won tons of honorary awards, namely, China Best Ecological Tourism Site, China Top 10 Eco-friendly Recreation Base, National Science Education Base, National Recreational Fishery Model Base and Jiangsu provincial Photography Base, etc. It is among the most representative newly-developed ecotourism spots in Jiangsu Province. 

The scenic spot, covering the area of 6km sq2, is mainly composed of 8 featuring scenic regions, namely the Reed Maze built on the 10 thousand acres reeds of Hongze Lake; the Love Garden based on the theme of “Love”; the Recreational Region that consists of the Spring Bath, International Fishing Center, Fishing Garden; the Premium Lotus View Region that consists of the Thousand Lotus Garden, 10 thousand-acre Lotus Pond and Lotus-view Garden;the Science Popularization Interactive Region that consists of the Hongze Lake Aquarium, the Aquatic Botanic Garden, the Wetland Museum; the holiday recreation region that mainly consists of the Xianchun Lake Holiday Inn, the Deep Breathing Passage, the Jingshui Resort Water land Villa; the recreational viewing region consisting of the Peacock Park and the Swan Lake; the recreational sports region represented by the Xianchun Lake Water Sports Center. Each region will bring the tourists different views and experience. 

The scenic spot has distinguishing beautiful views throughout the whole year. In spring, the wetland exhibits an implicit beauty. It is a season of everything coming back to life with all kinds of flowers in full blossom. Plum blossom, peach blossom, peony, Chinese herbaceous peony will be competing with each other to show off season when 10 thousand acres of lotus come in full blossom, accompanied by 10 thousand acres of green weeds, gently swinging in the summer braze. In autumn, the wetland shows a beauty of maturity. Canoeing in the maze of golden reeds flowers, tasting the scent of the golden crabs, you will be enjoying the life of the immortals. In winter, the wetland has a beauty of mystery. By that time, it becomes a peaceful heaven that human beings and the nature co-exist harmoniously. Hundreds of thousands of migrating birds are spending their winter here, so that you can not only hear the birds’ chorus but also watch thousands birds flying together above the wetland. One poem that perfectly portraits the beauty of the Hongze Wetland goes like this: In spring, you can walk on the green grassland; in summer, you can enjoy the vast lotus pond; in autumn, mature reeds flowers will be a great view, and in winter, thousands of birds will be lingering in the wetland sky. 

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