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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Peacock Garden has more than 100 blue peacocks, white peacocks and blossom peacocks. The overall shape of Peacock Garden is like that of the Dai musical instrument cucurbit flute floating on the water surface and perfectly integrated with the surrounding ecological environment, which is also known as the most beautiful peacock garden in Jiangsu Province. Peacock is a symbol of happiness and hope. Dai people in Yunnan believe that where peacocks appear, the environment will become peaceful and comfortable. Peacock Bridge is 28 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. As the saying goes, "a walk on Peacock Bridge will bring happiness and good luck till the old age.".Through Peacock Bridge, we come to Lucky Island. Please take a close look, the peacock not only has a phoenix-like crown, a gem-like neck, but also a silk-like tail. In ancient times, the peacock was also a symbol of official positions. Chinese people often say that "wear the plume of a peacock". Among them, the plume is the tail of a peacock. People in the Qing Dynasty took them down and put them on their hats. Only the hats of officials with more than 5 grades could be plugged with peacock tails. In the Qing Dynasty, peacocks were embroidered on the mends of civil servants of grade three in Qing Dynasty. Crossing Lucky Island, is Lucky Bridge, where you once step on, three-grade promotion is not something big. Let us take steps on it together.

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