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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Peony flowers are bring in color, gorgeous and magnificent, always known as the "king of flowers", according to the color of flowers, which can be divided into hundreds of varieties. There are many varieties of peony, as well as colors. Yellow, green, flesh red, dark red and silver red are the top grade, especially yellow and green. Peony flowers are big and fragrant, thus which are called "national beauty and heavenly fragrance". In Tang Dynasty, Liu Yuxi wrote a poem: "  Paeonia lactiflora demons are not dignified in front of the court, and the lotus on the pool is pure but less affectionate. Only peony has the true national beauty, blossom season excites the capital. "In the late Qing Dynasty, peony was once regarded as China's national flower. In May 1985, peony was rated as the second of the ten famous flowers in China, which is a unique and precious flower in China, and has thousands of years of natural growth history and more than 1500 years of artificial cultivation history.

The flowering period of peony is from April to May, and the fruiting period is June. The flower has single birth  with branch on top, a diameter of 10-17cm.Different varieties have different leaf shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Its large flowers, beautiful shape, gorgeous color, strong fragrance, praised by people of all ages, has high ornamental and medicinal values. "When spring comes, who is going to be the master of glorious youth, what commands all kinds of flowers is peony?" Peony of "national beauty and heavenly fragrance" is a famous traditional flower in China, which has a long history in China and ranks first among the top ten traditional flowers. Chinese people regard peony as a mascot and a symbol of human happiness, peace and prosperity. Peony gathers heaven and earth spirit, with great looks and charms, and is known as the " Divine Flower of Heaven."."The peony flowers are the best among all the flowers, and among which there is also a king. Four colors change and become all kinds of colors, all kinds of colors bear all kinds of fragrance". According to the traditional classification, peony has nine flower colors: red, purple, yellow, white, pink, blue, green, black and multicolor. The assortment of the varieties of these colors together will present a kind of auspicious atmosphere and bring good wishes to people.

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