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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Plum Garden of Sihong Hongze Lake Wetland is simple, elegant, quiet and beautiful, which is the best place to appreciate plum in Jiangsu Province. There are nearly 20000 plum trees in Plum Garden, including Tribute Powder plum, Jade Butterfly plum, Single-lobe plum, Pearl plum, Green plum, Snow plum, etc. As you entering,Plum Garden is full of vitality and pureness. In warm spring, plum blossom is in full bloom alone, with refreshing fragrance, the red of which as the rosy clouds, the pink of which as dressing pigment, the white of which as snow, the green of which as emerald, seeming scrolls of beautiful paintings!

From February to March every year, Plum Blossom Festival of "Great Lake Wetland, Plum Fragrance Floats Thousands of Miles" is held in Plum Garden. During the festival, the activities of viewing plum blossom dance, listening to plum song, chanting plum poem, drawing plum scenery painting, eating plum cake, drinking plum tea and savoring plum wine are held. At the opening ceremony of Plum Blossom Festival, the visitors can watch the street dance of "Plum", "Fly" and "Color", Monkey King's stunt performance, new singing of old song "A Twig of Plum and Three Variations On Plum Blossom" , etiquette show of Han Dynasty of " Plum Fairy and Good Family of Plum", living painting and writing of plum of "Plum in Spring", lion dance on plum pile, plum blossom rain dance and other wonderful programs. On the site, you can have a tour of Plum Garden with plum fairy, go on spring outing and enjoy the flowers, tour the wetland, and take a deep breath. The opening ceremony of Plum Blossom Festival every year attracts hundreds of thousands of people from home and abroad to appreciate plum blossom and go on spring outing. Plum Garden has become the name card of spring tourism of the scenic area.

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