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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Hongze Lake Wetland Museum is a popular science education base in China and the first freshwater wetland museum in Jiangsu Province. The museum is divided into six exhibition halls, which are ecological home hall, wetland transition hall, wetland ecology hall, aquatic animal hall, terrestrial animal hall and wetland plant hall. The wetland exhibition hall shows the characteristics of the scenic resources and the honors it has won. In spring you can walk around the green grass, in summer you can ramble around the blue lotus pond, in autumn you can enjoy the view of the reed flowers turning  yellow, and in winter you can see the thousands of birds flying. The sceneries in spring, summer, autumn and winter are different. The knowledge of the 500km2 Hongze Lake Wetland National Nature Reserve is comprehensively introduced in ecological home hall. The area of the reserve ranks 11th in China and the second in East China, and the main protected objects are the inland freshwater wetland ecosystem, the wintering habitat of migratory birds, the freshwater fish spawning ground of Hongze Lake, and the standard stratigraphic section of Xiacaowan. At present, an important wetland in the world is being built. The wetland ecology hall imitates the scenery of Hongze Lake and wetland. Hongze Lake is the fourth largest freshwater lake in China, with a huge output each day, which shines like a swan in East China. The birds, animals, reeds and lotus in the experience hall are lifelike in shape and dreamlike. The aquatic animal hall displays nearly 70 kinds of freshwater fish specimens from Hongze Lake, which is a good place for children to receive popular science education. The terrestrial animal hall displays butterflies, turtles, frogs, wild ducks, etc. in Hongze Lake Wetland. Through the scene simulation, visitors can go deep and gain the understanding of the harmonious relationship between human and nature. Time tunnel and lakebed world are like dreams.

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