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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Thousand Lotus Garden is the best place to appreciate the lotus in summer, which gains the name since 1008 kinds of lotus have been planted within. When summer comes, thousands of kinds of lotus flowers are competing to open up and contend with each other for beauty of look, which can described as that "the lotus leaves connecting the sky are extremely green and the lotus flowers shining are very red in the sunshine". Lotus is a famous ornamental flower in China, which has been favored by refined scholars since ancient times, and known as "gentleman in flowers", owing to its dignity of "though growing out of the silt, but not contaminated, though washed in the clean ripples, but not bewitching."   Due to the homophony of "lotus" and "harmony", in Chinese traditional culture, lotus is often used as a symbol of peace and harmony, and the sanctity of lotus symbolizes the nobleness of peace cause and harmonious world. Therefore, in a sense, appreciation of lotus is also a kind of promotion of Chinese "harmony" culture. The lotus varieties are rich and colorful, which is "lotus (peaceful) but different", but also together constitute a noble lotus world, which is "lotus (peace) is valued". It is sincerely hoped that lotus culture can be acquainted and known by more people in the process of carrying forward the culture of peace and harmony. Carrying forward the Chinese "harmony" culture is of special significance to our cause of promoting the reunification of the motherland, maintaining world peace and building a harmonious society.

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