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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Hongze Lake Fish Aquarium is a freshwater fish aquarium with the largest number of freshwater fish species in China. The aquarium is 99 meters in length, 26 meters in height and 18 meters in width, which looks like a large carp swimming in the boundless expanse of  wetland in Hongze Lake, symbolizing "good luck and richer and richer". Fish Aquarium is composed of fish head and fish body. The fish head is the most advanced ball screen cinema in the park. The four-layer seats of freedom can accommodate 36 people to watch at the same time. The HD 4D movie panorama shows the world at the bottom of the lake. The fish body is composed of three layers, the first layer shows the fish species of Hongze Lake, the second layer makes all kinds of iridescent fish in the Amazon Rainforest of South America reappear, and the third layer is where the essence of Fish Aquarium lies, bringing together the more valuable varieties of the global freshwater fish families. The cylinder block in front is six meters high and three meters in diameter, which displays 2731 freshwater fish, implying that Sihong County covers an area of 2731 square kilometers. Passing through the cylinder block, we come to the Four Major Chinese Carps Exhibition Area, where the carp, crucian, bream and gurnard are displayed. The 16.8-meter long underwater tunnel of the lake in front is the longest tunnel for viewing freshwater fish in Jiangsu Province, where you can watch silver carp, bighead carp, bream, crucian, carp and other fine fishes in Hongze Lake. The Chinese high fin banded shark in the tunnel is known as the Asian Mermaid.

Next, we will visit the second and third floors. Please watch out for the steps, and the light is dark. What displays in front is Genghis Khan fish, which has high dorsal fin and is distributed in the Menam River and Mekong River, and is an important local food fish and a vulnerable species. American snapping turtle, being exactly like crocodile, an aggregation of crocodile and turtle, and distributed in America, is the oldest existing reptile in the world, and has the title of king of freshwater animals. Chinese sturgeon is the oldest vertebrate on the earth, which lives at the same ages with dinosaurs, has a history of 140 million years before present, and is a first-class protected wild animal in China, known as the "giant panda in the water".

Now we are on the third floor. The map fish in front comes from the Amazon Basin in South America, which is covered with irregular red and orange stripes, just like a map. Some people call it "flower pig fish", because its greed while eating and life habit of eating its head off have close resemblance to the pig. Blood parrot cichlid, commonly known as the fish of God of wealth, is very likable with bright red all over the body, a chubby shape and soft fins, and glowing red color. Ancient lungfish is living fossil, which usually breathes with gills, but can use the swim bladder as the lung to respire when drought comes. At present, only a very small number of specialized representatives are left in the equatorial regions of Africa, Oceania and South America. The gar, which lived 150 million years ago, is a fierce carnivorous fish, which does not move and plays dead when preys, and does not strike a death-blow until its prey approaches. The golden arowana belongs to the ancient fish, and its reproduction way is very peculiar, during which the female fish lays eggs by the male fish to hatch and raise in its mouth. The two whiskers on its mouth, glittering scales and ancient background make people associate it with the mysterious dragon, known as "dragon fish". In front is the Indonesian red-tailed golden arowana, the body length of which is up to 40-50 cm. The clown knife looks like a knife, is distributed in India, Myanmar, Thailand, and likes to eat small fish and shrimps with its ferocious temperament,.

The alligator gar lives in America, the name of which comes from its alligator-like mouth and two rows of dagger-like teeth, and which has been living on earth for 100 million years. The pseudoplatystoma fasciatum is a voracious predator, with a body length of up to 1 meter, which will continue to molt as grows, and even eat its own skin. The red tail catfish eats a large amount of food, mainly small fish, loach and chicken, in a hungry state, anything smaller than its mouth may be swallowed by which. Pirarucu is widely distributed in the Amazon of South America, with a body length of 2.5 meters, and the largest one of which is up to 230 kilos. It is speculated that it first appeared 100 million years ago, living in the most primitive tropical jungle waters in the world, mainly feeding on small fish. The body of Potamotrygon motoro is oblate, named for its pearl like shape, which feeds on animals and crustaceans, and is regarded as the incarnation of the devil in the early period. Once with half an ear, it is easy to be stabbed by its poisonous spine, and you will be at risk.

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