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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Romance Park is the first park by Hongze Lake that has dual functions integrating wedding photography and outdoor wedding. The shape of the park is "double happiness", which means tying the nuptial knot and loving for all seasons. The park is divided into six theme series, namely Rose Passion Garden, One-heart Square, Magpie Bridge Meeting, Hand-in-hand Lifetime , Marriage Corridor and Wedding Church, which has become a new landmark of romantic love by Hongze Lake.Romance is connected by five bridges, namely Jinhui Bridge, Yingfeng Bridge, Tongfeng Bridge, Mufeng Bridge and Zhifen Bridge. Each bridge has its own special significance. Jinhui Bridge is homophonic to golden wedding, which takes from "the kindness and charity extended to the people in the spring, and all things on the earth shine with splendor, and means that 50 years of golden wedding emit the brilliance of the sun and moon. Hold your hand, and grow old with you. After years of baptism, the marriage becomes more and more flashing and is together with the sun and moon. Tongfeng Bridge is homophonic to copper wedding, which takes from " the dragon flies in the sky and the phoenix dwells in the tree, and means that the couple achieve their goals after making concerted efforts to pursue a better life, symbolizing the strong sense of belonging to the family and carrying the yearning for a happy marriage life. Mufeng Bridge is homophonic to wooden wedding, which takes from "so delighted just like bathing in the spring wind  and life-giving spring breeze and rain , and means the feeling of love and being loved in marriage, is a kind of tacit understanding of the souls, and is a kind of unforgettable missing, the life that has experienced love is beautiful, and the love that cannot stand the test is not profound. Zhifen Bridge is homophonic to paper marriage, which takes from "the orchid and grass on the shore are green and elegant, and means that the new marriage life is filled with sweet atmosphere, with fragrance overflowing, and is the portrayal of sweet love and comfortable life. Yingfeng Bridge is homophonic to silver wedding, which takes from "high mountain is extremely high and I stand for the summit, and means that no matter how difficult or challenging life is, as long as the people who love each other have courage, perseverance and confidence, they will undoubtedly cross the mountain, set a new benchmark and achieve higher pursuit.

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