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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


Deer's call is taken from Minor Odes of the kingdom, the Book of Songs, which says, "Deer's call, nibbling grass upon the plain. When a good friend visits me, playing lutes and blowing pipe instruments."This poem shows the scene of harmony between man and nature. There are many kinds of deer, such as red deer, water deer, elk (David's deer), etc. Here are mainly sika deer and red deer. Sika deer got its name because its body surface is covered with bright white plum blossom spots. Sika deer likes to be clean, quiet, with keen perception and being adept at running, which  moves more in the morning and night, and rest in the day, usually mates in the autumn  and gives birth in the summer with twins occasionally. In the spring, the buck molt its old horns and grow new antlers. Sika deer is a treasure from head to foot, and is China's traditional precious medicinal animal.
In the Han Dynasty, there has been a saying that deer gives birth to hundreds of treasures, which is the symbol of a panacea, and the velvet antler is regarded as "the treasure of treasures". The word "deer" is homophonic with "prosperity" in the three auspicious stars of luck, prosperity and longevity, symbolizing auspiciousness and longevity and promotion. It is said that a thousand years bear a grey dear and 2000 years bear a dark deer. Therefore, deer are immortal animals of longevity. And the sika deer has a certain connection with the plum blossom list, symbolizing that the scholar becomes a famous and passes the  highest imperial examination. Both deer and crane are spiritual things representing health and longevity in Fengshui. Deer boy, crane boy, fairy is the apt pupil under the altar of the God of Longevity.Deer and crane guard Ganoderma lucidum together. There is a kind of mascot called "deer and crane holding Ganoderma lucidum", in which there is a Sika Deer lying beside a big peach offered as a birthday present, a crane standing side by side, and a deer and crane holding a Ganoderma lucidum fairy grass together, indicating garden art, health and auspiciousness, and eternal youth.

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