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Reed Parrotbill

release time:2020-09-04

Reed parrotbill is a rare bird species unique to China, which is known as “panda among birds”. The name is very sinicized. In ancient India, China was called “Cīna”. The first specimen of this bird was found in Nanjing, China, so it was called  (reed parrotbill). Reed parrotbill is a medium-sized parrotbill with a length of about 18cm, which has been included in IUCN Red List and is a global endangered bird species. Currently, it is only scattered in the lower reaches of Heilongjiang, reed land in Liaoning and the Yangtze River Basin and reed land along the coast of Jiangsu Province. Reed parrotbills are petite, vivacious and active. They keep making short “chirps” from their mouth. After a short stay on branches, they fly away, just like a gust of wind and seldom stay on the ground. They like eating worms in the reed stalks and on the surface of reeds. They peck seeds and inhabit in the reed land in small groups. They have poor flying ability and must live in the reed marshes. Experts also call them “woodpeckers in reed marshes”.


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