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Great Bustard

release time:2020-09-04

The great bustard  is a bird which excels at running and mainly feed on weeds and insects. There is a legend in ancient China that this species often flock together in 70.  Previously, when we talked about mandarin ducks, under the poor economic conditions in ancient times, people had an illusion about another bird, that is, great bustard. At that time, people observed great bustard in the distance and found this species didn’t distinguish between male and female. The ancients believed that the great bustard was the wife of all birds. So after the Song Dynasty, men of letters associated the procuress in a brothel with the lifestyles of great bustard. For this reason, the great bustard entered the vision of men of letters in ancient China. It was not until later that people discovered that the great bustard actually distinguished between male and female. The main difference was that the female had fluff on her mouth while the male had beards on both sides of the mouth. Currently, there are only about 30,000 great bustards in the world and about 300 to 400 in China. Therefore, the great bustard is also called “giant panda among birds”.


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