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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath


release time:2020-09-04

The magpie feeds on insects. In China, the magpie is “a symbol of joyous event”. Every time we see a magpie, we always feel cheerful and it forebodes that good luck is just around the corner. In ancient times, the magpie was an assistant to the Cowherd and Weaving Maid. Whenever the Double Seventh Festival came, the magpie would build a bridge on the Milky Way for them to meet each other. So the magpie also represents love. Married families often like cutting window paper into magpie patterns in expectation of auspice. In ancient buildings, people love carving magpies when carving plum blossoms on eaves to represent “happiness appears on the eyebrows”. This kind of carving is especially important for candidates were are about to enter the capital to take an imperial examination. The idiom “a turtledove takes over the nest of a magpie”  also refers to the story between a turtledove and a magpie.


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