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Wild Duck

release time:2020-09-07

As a typical representative of waterfowl, the wild duck is the common name of mallard duck in the northern hemisphere. The wild duck belongs to Aves class, Anseriformes order and Anatidae family and the number is very huge. It is a common name for a variety of wild ducks, and there are more than a dozen of species. The wild duck can migrate for a long distancewith a top flight speed of up to 110kph. Female wild ducks are smaller in size, with a length of 50~56cm and a weight of about 1kg. The ducklings of wild ducks are black-gray fluff throughout, alternated with yellowish fluff in the face, shoulders, back, and belly. Their beaks and feet are gray, and their toes and claws are yellow. Wild in nature, the wild ducks are timid and vigilant. If strangers, livestock or wild animals get close to then, they will scream and flee in groups. In case of a sudden fright, they will flee and fly with all their might.


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