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Gordon Euryale Seed

release time:2020-09-04

Known as “ginseng in water”, gordon euryale seed can invigorate spleen, nourish stomach, tonify kidney and secure essence. According to the health preservation theory of traditional Chinese medicine, gordon euryale seed is most beneficial to spleen and stomach for it can defy aging and prolong life. Gordon euryale seed is sweet, astringent and mild in nature. When it enters spleen, kidney and heart channel, it can invigorate spleen, stop diarrhea, reinforce the kidney, arrest seminal emission, and is quite effective for renal deficiency, nocturnal emission, spleen insufficiency and diarrhea. According to an ancient medicine book, gordon euryale seed “can make a baby who takes it not grow old and make an old man who takes it adapt to more supplements or indigestible supplements. It is beneficial to the body, without any harm.


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