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Zizania Aquatica

release time:2020-09-07

Zizania aquatics are divided into double-season zizania aquatica and single-season zizania aquatica. Double-season zizania aquatica has a higher yield and better quality.  Before the Tang Dynasty, zizania caduciflora was cultivated as a grain crop. Afterward, people found that some zizania aquatica didn’t ear. Some zizania aquaticas didn’t ear because they were infected by ustilago maydis, while the plant showed no signs of disease. The stem kept expanding and gradually formed a spindle-shaped succulent stem. This is the edible zizania aquatica now. Most zizania aquaticas grow in the Yangtze River and lakes, and suitable for fresh water. They belong to perennial emergent herbaceous plants.


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