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release time:2020-09-07

The Chinese names include dory or zeus japonicus valenciennes. The gurnard has a flat and oval body, flat and high sides. Its mouth is big and tilts upward. The lower jaw protrudes. There is a black spot above the middle part of its body. The spine on dorsal fin is slender, and the membrane of interspinous fin extends into a linear shape. There is a row of spinous bone plates along the base of dorsal fin and gluteus maximus. The head is just like a horse face and the meat is white. It is a kind of near-bottom fish. The size is large, with the largest ones being more than 50cm long. They grow in sandy areas around continental shelf slopes and oceanic trenches with a depth of 100m~800m. They lay eggs from winter to spring. The bream has a high body, flat sides and a small head, which is rhombus-shaped, with a sharp rise at the back behind the head.


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