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Bighead carp

release time:2020-09-07

it originated from Jianghu, looks like the silver carp and is black. It is commonly known as black silver carp. The bighead carp has a flat body and its head is extremely large. The mouth is big and opened at the rostral side. The lower jaw slightly tilts upward. The gill rake is fine, dense and paged-shaped, but not interconnected. The pectoral fin is long, with the end far exceeding the base of the pelvic fin. The upper half of the body side is grayish black, the belly is grayish white, and there are many irregular light yellow and black spots on both sides. The bighead carp loves living in the middle and upper layers of still water. They move slowly and don’t like jumping. They feed on zooplankters or some algae. Bighead carps are distributed in eastern Asia and found in major water systems in China.


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