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Silver carp

release time:2020-09-07

 It belongs to ypriniformes order, cyprinidae family and is one of the four major Chinese carps. The four major Chinese carps include black carp, grass carp, silver carp and bighead carp. The silver carp is a typical filter-feeding fish, whose body is flat on the sides, slightly tall and fusiform. The back is caesious, the sides and the belly are white. The pectoral fin doesn’t go beyond the base of the pelvic fin. Each fin is grayish white, and the head is big. The position of eyes is very low. The scales are small. The cutin rib in the middle of the belly extends directly from the pectoral fin to anus. The shape of silver carp is similar to that of bighead carp. The silver carp is short-tempered and good at jumping.


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