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Aquatic Animals

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Grass carp

release time:2020-09-07

belongs to cypriniformes order, cyprinidae family, leuciscus subfamily and grass carp genus. The grass carp perches in rivers and lakes in plain areas and generally prefer to live middle and lower layers of water and coastal areas with plenty of aquatic plants. The grass carp is vivacious, swims quickly, and often forages in groups. It is a typical herbivorous fish. In the larval stage, it often eats small insects and algae, etc. The grass carp also eats some meat, such as earthworms and dragonflies. It lives through the winter in the main streams or deep water of lakes. In the breeding season, the parent fish has the habit of migrating. The grass carp has been introduced to many countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Due to its rapid growth and wide source of forage, it has become one of the four major Chinese carps cultured in freshwater in China.


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