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Red Memory

release time:2020-09-04

During the Anti-Japanese War, Sihong was called “Yan’an in Northern Huaihe Area”. It was one of the 19 democratic bases of the Anti-Japanese War in China. Also, it was the premise of the Administrative Office of Jiangsu-Anhui Border Region in Northern Huaihe Area and the Headquarters of the 4th Division of the New Fourth Army. The elder generation of proletarian revolutionaries, such as Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi, Peng Xuefeng, Deng Zihui, Zhang Aiping, Liu Yuzhu, Zhang Zhen, Liu Ruilong, Jiang Shangqing have all fought and live here. Dawang Village, Qingyang Town, Shuanggou Town, Daliu Lane, Shanzitou, Huqiao, Zhujiagang and Xinxingwei, etc. became places where they commanded in battles during the Anti-Japanese War. In those years amid the flames of war, the army and people united as one to fight against the enemy solidarily, and killed the enemy courageously, leaving many deeds about revolutionary struggles that were capable of evoking praises and tears. For the liberation of the nation, the happiness of people and the safety of the country, the martyrs sacrificed themselves for justice, forged a “Great Wall” of our nation using their blood and youth, and left the most precious spiritual treasures for people in Sihong County. At present, the patriotic education bases founded in Sihong County include: Sihong Martyrs’ Cemetery, Bancheng Xuefeng Cemetery, Zhujiagang Martyrs’ Cemetery, Sihong Memorial Hall for Revolutionary Martyrs, Huaibei Memorial Hall for Officers and Soldiers Killed in Anti-Japanese War, Dawang Village Exhibition Hall of the Headquarters of the 4th Division of the New Fourth Army, etc. 



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