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Travel in the Great Wetland and Take a Deep Breath

Hongze Lake Wetland Birding Park

  • Business Hours:

    09:00 - 17:30
  • Telephone:

  • Address:

    50 Meters West of 188 Township Road, Sihong County, Suqian City


【Hongze Lake Wetland Birding Park】

As a national AAA tourist attraction, the park is located in Linhuai Town, Sihong County. Relying on its geographical advantages of the lake and unique green ecological resources, the scenic spot has illuminated the showpiece of “the county bird, egret”. This is a paradise for birds. They stop over for rest, or play and forage for food, forming the stunning picture in which birds flock together and sing in unison and perfectly drawing a moving scene in which men and nature coexist in harmony, which makes photography lovers and tourists from all over the country linger on and forget to leave.

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