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Ancient Xucheng Scenic Spot in Sihong

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    29 Guxu Avenue, Sihong County


【Ancient Xucheng Scenic Spot in Sihong】

Located in the new town in the south of Sihong County, Ancient Xucheng Scenic Spot in Sihong has a total land area of 465 mu. It is divided into three parts, that is, the eastern zone, the western zone and the core zone. It is currently the only centralized experience center of ancient Xu culture in China. 

The ancient Xu Pavilion is the core of this project. The main building has seven floors, with a construction area of about 7,155 square meters and a total height of 61.649 meters, which symbolizes that the ancient Xu State has spanned a history of 1649 years. Huxian Water Street, a low-density archaistic complex with 2-3 storeys (4 storeys in part) is to be built on the east side, which covers an area of about 79.2 mu.

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