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Dawang Village Party Spirit Education Base

  • Business Hours:

    08:30 - 17:30
  • Telephone:

  • Address:

    Dawang Village, Chenxu Township, Sihong County


【Dawang Village Party Spirit Education Base】

Dawang Village Party Spirit Education Base is located in the east of Chenwei Township, Sihong County of Jiangsu Province, west of Hongze Lake. It covers an area of 86 mu and has a construction area of about 11,000 square meters. The main construction contents are: 19 former residences, include those of Peng Xuefeng, Deng Zihui and Liu Ruilong, Reception Service Center, Xuefeng Military and Political University, the Headquarters of the Fourth Division of the New Fourth Army, military barracks, and expansion base, etc. During the Anti-Japanese War, Dawang Village served as the Headquarters of the Fourth Division of the New Fourth Army, the premise of the Huaibei District Party Committee and Huaibei Administrative Office. A great number of proletarian revolutionaries, such as Chen Yi, Peng Xuefeng, Liu Ruilong, Deng Zihui, Zhang Aiping, Zhang Zhen and Wei Guoqing had lived and fought here. Many momentous historical events took place in Dawang Village from December 1942 to October 1945. So at that time, Dawang Village was hailed as the Holy Land of Huaibei Revolution and Little Yan’an.

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